Fengshui Masters say Deposit Money on Li Chun is a Myth

photo via mothership.sg

According to past years fengshui masters, apparently if banking in money in the bank at Li Chun is a myth. Don't know which bullshit fengshui master started this trend of banking in.. end up theres always long queue at the deposit machine. 

And no one knows why banking in certain hours at certain auspicious timing will lead to "huatness" throughout the year.

For those who do not know what this is about... the below is the chart for 2017

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you bank liao then you no "huat"

According to this Fengshui master Facebook page.

So need to do what to make sure the year of the Rooster huat?
If you guys know.. leave a comment down below and let us know pls...



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  1. I believe in a practical approach in life and think that such superstition is just ignorance and nonsensical. Luck comes after hard work and using your intellectual faculties..