Top 5 Bigo broadcasters you should watch!

BIGOLIVE is a live video streaming social network. There's a recent craze with BIGO here in SG. If you just picked up this app, here are our recommendations for some entertaining broadcasters you can watch! 

5. thejianhaotan

Everybody knows Jian Hao on YouTube, so when he does Bigo Live it's a complete fanfest, you'll never see Bigo features being used to it's full potential until you've seen Jian Hao's live. Bullet chats and gifts which costs as much as 1000 diamonds such as virtual motorcycles being spewed onto his feed/ Jian Hao would constantly interact with his audience in exchange for beans, for example, if you gave Jian Hao a motorcycle he would let you decide what he'll do with his camerawoman's hands. The end result is quite entertaining.

Interaction with audience 10/10.

4. @userisbusy/Florence/user is injured

Because who doesn't like a hot ang moh tuition teacher? Broadcasting her tution sessions with her student, we secretly wish we were her students too.

3. Kiki (Bigo id: 21347280)

A huge male audience loves this dazzling Hong Kong girl as she fiercely explains to them the wonders of push up bras. With her cute drunken shenanigans and sex appeal, she's really entertaining to watch.

 2. MELZ

This is the author's bias. Heard of She does muscal.lys live on Bigo, seeing her lip sync to songs while showing different angles of her cute face will melt many hearts. She's a model too and she will frequently run through make up tutorials live and broadcast her modelling events.

1. Jie Ling/@jlzxc

If we were to rank the most hardworking Bigo broadcaster, Jie Ling would be the first. She's one of the Bigo singers/performers who's super active. Hear her sweet serenades and cute ukulele as she takes song requests at school, home or even outside eating macdonalds. Her rewards for her hard work can be seen on the number of beans she received so far (It's a crazy amount!).



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