'Pokémon Go' launches in Singapore today but cheaters overpower us!!

In just less than 5 hours, Singaporeans that download the newly launched Pokemon Go will realising all our Gyms are being overpowered by all this cheaters. Dragonites fucking everywhere!!! Seriously.. Can't do any shit about these GPS spoofing aholes..

Tap on any of the gyms and you'll see them occupied by powerful Pokémon of around 2,000 CP, and trainers at level 30 or more. Fuck man.

Some of the comments from our Pokémon Go Singapore Community have to say..

The police have released an advisory on Facebook, too.

Anyway most importantly, have fun and Pokémon Go!

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  1. I just dont understand what all the hype is about in this game. Like people have completely lost their heads over it, not caring to do anything else but play Pokemon