Enjoy The Haze While It Last

SINGAPORE -- Residents in residential areas of Singapore continued to enjoy the spill-over effects of the hazy weather this week. This has put us in such a good mood that we don't even mind sharing it with Malaysia.

"It feels great", says our fellow American friends David Kickerman 36 and her girlfriend Rosie Graves 28.
The couple was seen strolling along Singapore River.

"Now i don't feel bad that i missed the chance to buy cheap plane tickets at the Scout Airlines and stayed longer in Singapore.

"It has always been our dream to re-enact scenes from films like Silent Hill and The Mist. And now we can enjoy a similar atmosphere here!" - David Kickerman while taking pictures of the surreal scenery of the landscape.

On a similar light, outdoor activities have increased tremendously over the past few day. The above picture we can see a group of joggers preparing for their 4km run at East Coast Park.

Competitive runner Jacob Bin Iddin 33 says, "Nothing beats jogging on such a climate, enjoying the breeze and its cooling!"

Semi retired Lee Koon Yap 47 says, "Jogging in the weather like Genting its like a dream come true!!." 

Scientists are still unable to explain this unusual misty phenomenon in Indonesia where by there are massive amount of forest fires occurring mysteriously. This has driven the mist further down, enveloping the rest of us in a hazy but pleasant climate.

The downside is that Malaysia's tourist arrivals in Camera Highlands, Genting Highlands and Frasier Hills have registered a sharp decline over the past month.

But this has been more than offset by the increasingly high number of foreign tourists from scorching climes who has sought refuge and kept it cool here.

"We are seeing many Arab tourists now," says economic analyst Gino Pundeet. "Some of the women find it so chilly here that they have taken to wrapping themselves from head to toe. They initially couldn't deal wth the weather. but gradually they managed to enjoy themselves."

There have, however, been concerns relating to the health industry. "This misty weather gives people the illusion that they are wrapped in good health," says a part-time doctor who do not wish to be named.

"They go out there, breathing in that clean air, remarking on how everything smells like fresh laundry, and they neglect to go for paid medical check-ups."

A shot of the misty sky and Marina Bae Sands


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