Malaysia General Election 2013

Personally, i didn't even know anything about Malaysia's General Election *not interested* that is going on until this..

I was like huh? why are people changing their dp to like black?
And then followed by a barrage of chinese words thingy which i was like WTFOMGBBQGUNPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW?

So i guess i finally know what happened...
A blackout had occurred during the counting of votes..
that leads to everyone thinking that its not fair and some foul play or magician's trick bullshit is happening.

Yeah magic..
thats pretty cool..
I don't really wanna comment anything or voice my opinion about this "magic" trick they did here.

but anyway  Click here for the Petition for a Fair & Clean Election

other than here is some hilarious stuff i found on the Internet.

This is my favorite. 

And some funny videos..



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