OMFG Adelyn Hosehbo

It's all over facebook, twitter, stomp and now the newspaper.
I believe everyone will know who the hell is this Adelyn Hosehbo.
This 14 year old XMM is really ridiculous.
Instead of feeling guilty about slapping her mom, she actually posted it on facebook and telling everyone she is proud of it.
She also stole her mom stuff and sold them for branded stuff.
What in the world has happen to our young generation.
I personally feel that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.

Adelyn Hosehbo, you really ho seh liao.
If you are seeing this, we demand an apology to your mom.
She don't deserve this from you.

and don't think u change your nick to Adelynn VannyBellaa we don't know its you.
Adelynn VannyBellaa

Like this page for Adelyn Hosehbo, we demand an apology to your mum.


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