VR-Man is the most popular and original superhero that has ever been created and known in Singapore.

Remarkably similar dressed as Batman in pure coincidence, VR-Man dons a black rubber suit with a (VR) emblem stuck on the chest of his suit.

In addition, he wears synthetic rubber with some high graded plastic coated gloves and black Gortex boots (Probably inherited from VR-Man's NS days).

He wears a signature black mask (shockingly similar to batman's with the edges all sawn off) that hide his real identity and combs his hair with "Follow Me" hair spray.

He carry a very unique gadget that gives him powers. Whatever this gadget is, nobody has yet to find out more information on it.

The legendary VR-Man, most feared by the Bengs and Sengs for crimes such as eating chewing gum.


Able to fly as well as the ability of replicating virtual holographic copies of his gadget if he want to, VR-Man has another special ability that uses a very special high frequency wave to program devices such as the VCR.

However this ability does cause various limitations, such as the inability to power Blu-Ray drives. This limitation has been explained by VR-Man in one of the inspiring speech in one of the neighbourhood schools, because "the gadget has run out of support and nobody is planning on a new patch ver11.1.2 to update the gadget".

Recent new abilities has been added to the list to combat media violence, as such VR-Man has been sporting with a new Super-VR-Patch Vision (tm), which can instantly fill-in the censored part of any movie he's watching.

He has also been sporting a new Virtual Reflector Heat Vision (tm), which currently has has yet to use it and some locals has been gossiping in a joking fashion that this new device is only for shaving has armpit and pubic hair only. There has been rumour too that by blinking his eyes, he is able to instantly create badly rendered super imposed lightning/sparks, which may cause seizures in children too.

He blows too.

VR-Man doing the "O-Rly" method of interrogation at one of the suspects.


Being proud of a local superhero saving the nation, the government approved some special privilege and incentives for superheroes like VR-Man. One such privilege is to able to fly past ERP gantries without the need of installing an I.U. device into the suit. Another bonus he can get is gaining free unlimited access to Starhub Cable TV and Mio TV.

Real Identity

Rumours has it that it could possibly be a MediaCorpse actor called James Lye. When questions, he denied and complained that he had allergies with "Follow Me" hair sprays, and it will make no sense if he is the legendary VR-Man.

He is well known for his Ninja Escape skills.
Here is the original clip of his escape skills.
Link-Vr Man Original Escape Scene
However using a special camera to catch his real speed.
Link 2-Vr Man Actual Escape Scene


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