The Internet Is Going Crazy Over These 'Apple Eye' X-rays

SUNNYVALE, CA - A doctor at Stanford Medical Center may have accidentally uncovered a prototype eye implant made by Apple. Yes, think Black Mirror but in real life!
When radiology resident Dr Poakyu Indaii noticed an unusual device in the eye of a Cupertino man he x-rayed on Friday he quickly snapped a few pics with his phone.

“This was clearly not due to the car accident, so I tweeted the photos to my radiology colleagues in case they'd ever seen something similar. I hadn’t noticed the Apple [logo] at all but boy the internet did!” said Dr Indaii.

The trainee radiologist hastily deleted his tweet fearing he may have breached his employer's image sharing guidelines. But he was too late to stop the x-rays going viral. 

The internet was quick to make the link between the Apple device and an episode of the Netflix series Black Mirror in which people with eye implants can re-watch moments from their life on demand.

Apple, notoriously secretive about their projects, refused to comment directly on the tweets but did confirm that a member of their bio-design team had been involved in a "minor car accident".

News of the device seems all the more feasible given the recent Apple takeover of Astley Labs, a bionics firm in Lancashire. Headed by Professor Fuldja Aggen, the company's patents on bionic retinas and animal neural interfaces are considered Farnsworthian by most experts. 
Even President Trump took time out of his daily golf round Friday afternoon to type a tiny-handed tweet on the issue.

Only one thing is certain - we will never be able to trust what we see again, even when the truth is just one click from being right before our eyes. 
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Fengshui Masters say Deposit Money on Li Chun is a Myth

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According to past years fengshui masters, apparently if banking in money in the bank at Li Chun is a myth. Don't know which bullshit fengshui master started this trend of banking in.. end up theres always long queue at the deposit machine. 

And no one knows why banking in certain hours at certain auspicious timing will lead to "huatness" throughout the year.

For those who do not know what this is about... the below is the chart for 2017

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you bank liao then you no "huat"

According to this Fengshui master Facebook page.

So need to do what to make sure the year of the Rooster huat?
If you guys know.. leave a comment down below and let us know pls...

Sephiroth’s One Winged Angel Ring is One Ring to Die for!

Who knew Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth would make such a beautiful engagement ring? 
Takayas Custom Jewelry knew.

The entire ring is cast in platinum, the “one wing” is plated with black rhodium to give off that sick Sephiroth feel. And Yes that green gemstone is EMERALD!!! FU*KING EMERALD!!!

Just looking at it makes my head keep playing the Sephiroth theme sound over and over and over again. For more info on this badass engagement ring, do check out Takayas blog here!

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

'Pokémon Go' launches in Singapore today but cheaters overpower us!!

In just less than 5 hours, Singaporeans that download the newly launched Pokemon Go will realising all our Gyms are being overpowered by all this cheaters. Dragonites fucking everywhere!!! Seriously.. Can't do any shit about these GPS spoofing aholes..

Tap on any of the gyms and you'll see them occupied by powerful Pokémon of around 2,000 CP, and trainers at level 30 or more. Fuck man.

Some of the comments from our Pokémon Go Singapore Community have to say..

The police have released an advisory on Facebook, too.

Anyway most importantly, have fun and Pokémon Go!

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11 Websites to Turn You Into the Next James Bond

1. Esquire Drinks – You better know your way around a cocktail. Mr. Bond likes to drink.
2. – You cannot drink that much and look that good without working out a bit.
3. – If James Bond is anything, he is smooth and charismatic.
4. – 007 knows how to talk to the ladies.
5. – The first step in looking good is dressing well.
6. – When Bond enters a room, he makes heads turn. 
7. – You cannot be an international spy without learning a foreign language or two.
8. – If you are going to be hanging around billionaire supervillains, you better be familiar with their lavish lifestyles.
9. – If you have seen Casino Royale, you know Bond is quite the skilled poker player.
10. – You better learn a few fighting techniques for taking down the bad guys.
11. – You are gonna need to know how all those gadgets work. 

Xiaxue with Sun Ho's Makeup is the closest thing to seeing a ghost in this Hungry Ghost Festival

Yes, to commemorate this yearly Lunar Seventh Month. Celebrity Local Blogger Xiaxue have attempted the Legendary Sun Ho Mr Bill Makeup. 

Check out the youtube video here:

I don't know is it Xiaxue copying Sun Ho or Sun Ho copying Xiaxue.
The resemblance is uncanny.

I think all you need for this Hungry Ghost Festival is this makeup look with this signature move

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